Onsite Clean Room

At Marlowe, we take CLEAN seriously. Really seriously. You’ve already read about how we’re cleaning up the salon industry model with ethical business practices, here. But our commitment to clean doesn’t stop there.
At Marlowe in Berkeley, we have an onsite “Clean Room” to run all implements through a three-step, hospital-grade sterilization process. Metal tools are hand-scrubbed, then run through ultrasonic cleaning machines that use high-frequency sound waves to induce cavitation bubbles to remove all traces of yuck (aka contamination). Tools come out to be air-dried overnight and sealed in individual packs, which are steam-pressure sterilized at a temperature of 270°F. By the time our tools arrive to you, they’re not just squeaky clean. They’re truly sterile.
Whether you mani/pedi at Marlowe or elsewhere, make sure your tool packs are sealed and sterilized before they touch your twinkle toes. Look for color change markers on your tool pack–a telltale sign your tools have actually been through heat sterilization!
And remember, you’re coming to mani/pedi at Marlowe for all the right reasons. #notjustaprettyface #clean #sterile