No Jets Here

We reject jetted whirpools for a reason: they’re gross.

That’s because the pipes and drains of jetted tubs allow micro-organisms (including bacteria, fungi, and viruses) to linger and breed. Yuck! Yes, it’s possible to sterilize jetted whirlpools, but it requires a proper 10-minute sterilization cycle using an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant between uses, with the jets turned on to cycle that disinfectant through the pipes. It’s time-consuming and significantly slows down business, so it’s common to see nail salons skipping this proper procedure. But cutting corners on hygiene is not only gross, it’s a safety hazard. No thanks.

At Marlowe, we’ve gone in the opposite direction by using simple jetless, drainless, pipeless foot bowls for our pedis. Our foot bowls eliminate the breeding grounds for micro-organisms, and are easily cleaned and sterilized the proper way between uses. Because they’re portable, we can easily whisk them away to our onsite Clean Room immediately after use for proper sterilization, and cycle in sparkling new bowls for each new service. By doing this, we’ve figured out how to keep services humming along while allocating sufficient time and space for proper hygiene. Win win. Your twinkle toes will thank you 🙂 #thinkbeforeyoupedi