Our Story

Marlowe was founded in 2017 by Rebecca Sawhney to reinvent nail care for the better. With a focus on clean methodologies and a backbone of fair labor standards, Marlowe completely reimagines the traditional brick-and-mortar salon experience from head to twinkle toes. Our mission is to provide clean manis and clear conscience, and inspire people to mani/pedi for all the right reasons.

Launched in 2020, Marlowe's mani box line delivers perfectly curated nail care experiences at home. Finally, a seamless, one-stop solution to mani self-care! Gifting nail care has never been better.

Clean Manis

Clean is our commitment, with hospital-grade sterilization in our onsite Clean Room, disposable tools every visit, pro ventilation for breathable air, and drainless pedi bowls for squeaky clean services.

Clear Conscience

We're overturning industry norms with fair labor standards for employees, including living wages, healthcare, and 401(k)s. We're an ethical salon, not a discount one.

Now Shipping

Marlowe, at home! We've curated a perfect collection of mani boxes for every occasion, delivering delightful nail care experiences to your doorstep. Self-care, delivered.