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Fair Labor Standards

Yep, you’re in love with our glistening white spaces, custom-crafted local furniture, gold-accented San Francisco pendants, and design-saavy plants (that’s a thing!). We are, too!

But Marlowe is more than just a pretty face. We’re about reinventing the nail salon model to champion fair labor standards and ethical business practices. We’re about providing careers with a living wage, not day jobs; hiring employees, not independent contractors; paying guaranteed hourly wages, never commissions or chair rentals; and providing health insurance and 401ks to our employees. We’re not a discount nail salon, and we don’t cut corners on our commitment to fair labor standards. And we are the future of nail care.

So we don’t blame you if you fall in insta-love with our cozy West Elm leather pedi chairs. Just remember that you’re coming to mani/pedi at Marlowe for all the right reasons. #fairlabor #ethicalbusiness #notjustaprettyface